Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Sunday Skills Development...

...in the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man Adventure Club sunday morning sea kayaking took place in challenging conditions, off Peel on the west coast of the Isle of Man. 

Our ongoing skills development program for adults, delivers professional training for people who wish to become skilful in sea kayaks, through regular individualised training in a group environment, and enjoy the social aspects regular challenge brings!
Club members have progressed through our Adults Paddlesport program.

Adults Paddlesport - Learn 2 kayak

Our summer Adults Paddlesport training on the sea kicked off on Sunday afternoon!

Many of the people on this skills development program chose to make use of the indoor training blocks over the winter, prior to transferring their skills onto the sea after Easter : )
Students commit to blocks of 4 sessions on the sea (to be used within 3 months), dates are flexible.
We ensure low ratio's and professional student-centred training sessions.

Youth Scholarship - Sunset Evening Paddle

Our current Youth Scholarship team enjoyed a special treat on Saturday evening, with a classic sunset evening paddle, and some very inquisitive playful seals : )

 Students on our unique Youth Scholarship Development and Leadership Program, progress through our Junior Paddlesport program. The Scholarship provides opportunity to access additional training and 'expedition units' in preparation for a wilderness expedition overseas...
One of these units for our current team is undertaking a mini-expedition this August : )

 Catch you on the water soon
Keirron and the Team

Spectacular Sea Kayaking...

...Experiences in the Isle of Man!

'Peel is magnificent in hot sunshine today!'
Relished a stunning sea kayaking experience Saturday afternoon with Kit, Will and Leah, over from London for the weekend : ) 

Great to meet you, and show you a little piece of our Island. Look forward to more adventures this summer!

Friday, April 20, 2018

The Puffins are in!

A sunny sea kayak trip in the Isle of Man...

...with puffins, guillemots, razorbills, shags, seals and the promise of summer!
Taking full advantage of another day of really warm sunshine, Sea Kayaking on the west coast of the Isle of Man.

It's going to be a mighty busy weekend!

Sea Kayaking Experience - from Niarbyl

A stunning bay, sheltered by the 'tail of rocks' from which the location takes it name : )
Kitting up beside the thatched cottages, and paddling along the inlets, caves and rocky features that make the West Coast of the Isle of man such a great place to experience sea kayaking.

 A great way to show your visitor the Isle of Man from a different perspective!

Kicking off Easter with a Coasteering Experience

Using our delightful Coasteering route around beneath Bradda Head, with its array of low level traversing, swimming, climbing and stepping... options : )

Adventure Catch-up 

It's been a hectic schedule of trips and experiences through into April...

Tollymore: Skills Development Trip
A combination of our adults Adventure Club and Junior Paddlesport programs : )

 Norway: Coasteering Provider Training
Working with Coasteering Norway in standardising Coasteering practice and developing new coasteering routes, alongside risk utilisation awareness and debate.

Nottingham: British Canoeing HQ, Coaching Orientation
A weekend for coach education providers around the country to come together to discuss, debate and share effective practice in delivery of coach education courses and tutoring / mentoring.

Relishing being home for a few weeks as the Puffins are here!