Thursday, January 22, 2015

Indoor Kayaking

Saturday Afternoon Indoor Kayaking at Peel Pool

A few pics from last Saturday's courses at Western Swimming Pool, Peel.
Ideal weather conditions for indoor kayak training...
...especially for the Junior Kayak School - Level's 1 to 5. 

 Adults Kayak Safety Training also takes place on Saturday afternoons, with the last course till October scheduled to begin 21st February.

 In order to accommodate parents at the same time as the juniors, different stages and courses run in different parts of the pool, concurrently.

 Sunday Sea Kayaking - Adventure Club

Sunday's sea kayak training for the regular Adventure Club members set out from Laxey Beach, led by George. They headed north towards Cornaa, arriving back ready for lunch!!

I was away in Manchester at the Destinations Show, on the Isle of Man Tourism stand, promoting the Island to visitors from the north west (and other areas of the UK) : )

The indoor kayaking is continuing to receive terrific feedback from adults and youth, and we're looking forward to this Saturday's sessions, followed by Sunday's Club training at Peel.

See you on the water soon

ps. This Sunday afternoon will be the 2nd taster session for the new Youth Scholarship intake.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

a breezy January

Mid-week Sea Kayaking

 A few pics from last Thursday's coach's paddle round the Calf, to South Harbour, with Keri & Fergus.
The extensive population of Atlantic Grey seals very inquisitive!
Getting off the water just before conditions got quite interesting...

Indoor Kayaking

Junior Kayak School - Junior Adventure Club - Adult Kayak Safety

Stages 1 - 5 courses in our Junior Kayak School started again on Saturday, at Western Swimming Pool, Peel. The previous Stage 5 students have progressed onto the Junior Adventure Club, (progressive training for junior members in line with our established Adventure Club format.)

 All sessions in January are fully booked, and many of the places on the Feb / Mar (Junior & Adult) courses are now taken. Contact us soon if you wish to book a place.
 Catch you on the water soon!
Keirron & the Team

ps. The first taster training session for the new intake on our Youth Scholarship Program took place on the Sunday afternoon... The next one is Sun 25th Jan, 1pm : )

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Langness & Peel Sea Kayaking...

 Cracking sea kayak training session this morning from Langness, Fort Island, with the Adventure Club, focusing on specific manoeuvring strokes during the journey...

 ...and nice of Katia to make us some delicious flapjack, washed down with hot blackcurrent!

This afternoon's beginners sea kayak trip was from Fenella Beach Peel, heading north along the sheltered calm coastline : )

We're getting a lot of folk asking when we 'start again' and when we stop for winter...
Adventurous Experiences are offered year round!! : )

Get in touch and catch you on the water soon.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Chicken Rock

A stunning paddle out to Chicken Rock this morning, from the Sound...

...with some of the regular Adventure Club members, enjoying the bright sunshine and delightful conditions...

 The tide was running well, making gauging the right line to take, in order to hit Chicken Rock, essential, or miss it ; )

Port St Mary Lifeboat was out on exercise, and gave us a grand viewing from our platform, 1 mile off-shore...

...a rocky launch and then breaking back into the tide after a snack and drink...

The Mountains of Mourne - the Adventure Club usual Easter holiday location, looked like a well iced cake in the distance, guessing they have had a bit of snow : )

 Passing South Harbour, and not landing. The entire area was strewn with rock coloured Atlantic Grey seals,..

 So good to get a full day of sunshine, benign conditions and great company in one of the most beautiful paddling locations, i'm lucky enough to call my home.

Catch you on the water soon

ps. thanks to Anouk for this one