Thursday, October 16, 2014

Adventure Club - Sea Kayaking

 Sunday afternoon's Sea Kayak Trip from Port Erin Beach to the Calf Sound

 As promised, stunning weather, seals and a delightful Sunday afternoon paddle...

 The Sunday morning Adventure Club training session began in much the same way...

 ...and developed in absolute carnage! 
Using the learning outcomes from the previous recent sessions (incident management within a group of peers), in realistic situations...
 ...luckily enough still time to take on refreshment for some, (it was particularly warm)!
 Identifying the root issues, dealing with the next situation in hand following preliminary challenges, keeping an eye on the overall outcome (and rapidly moving spring tide) and selecting the best option to reverse the situation. 
 Really pleasing to see folk have taken on the learning from previous sessions and refined the thinking process to create an effective solution, involving the whole team!
 Looking forward this weekend where the sea conditions will provide increased challenge and need for further time efficiency in decision making : )

ps. a few pics from Saturday's 2 Star Training

Monday, October 13, 2014

Junior Kayak School

 Stage 1 students - enjoying their second session at Western Swimming Pool, Peel.
This is the beginners level on the multi-stage developmental program run through our own Junior Kayak School. Learning FUNdamental skills in a safe environment.

 We're presently delivering 5 stages on Saturday afternoons, including the Adults Kayak Safety and Learn to Roll courses.
 The juniors on the present Stage 4 course are rising to the increased challenge and really showing what dedication can produce... addition to honing their balance, control and fundamental stroke development, they are also learning how to Eskimo roll...
 ...and change tempo as the situation requires...
 ...with some very exciting developments planned for 2015! : )

Our Indoor Pool courses offer a warm, enjoyable learning environment using our new fleet of fitted kayaks, bespoke paddles and decks - adding even more to the experience, under the guidance of 

The next Junior Kayak School Stages 1 - 5 and Adults Kayak Safety courses begin 

Look forward to seeing you on the water!
Keirron & the Team

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Symposium - Training Week

The Isle of Man Symposium - Sea Kayak Training Week 

followed the International Training Weekend, and as usual the conditions gave us everything we could wish for...

Lighthouses, Tide Races and Seals!

Night Navigation Exercise

Junior Kayak School

Adventure Club - Incident Management Scenarios

 Great to see everyone involved and working well under real pressure : )

 A splendid week of training!

 Thanks to everyone for their support and a huge thank you to 

Looking forward to our Sea Kayak Symposium in 2015...
Keirron & the Team