Sunday, March 19, 2017

Looking forward - Paddlesport

Junior Paddlesport - Isle of Man

The indoor training sessions on our unique Junior Paddlesport program (running October to March) are drawing to a close, and we are looking ahead to delivery outdoors over the summer period : )

Kim grabbed a couple of pics during the first hour on Saturday afternoon. 
With low ratio's and our dedicated team of professionals supported by coaches from the Adventure Club, the Junior Paddlesport program is going from strength to strength.

Isle of Man Adventure Club

Our Adults skills development program, delivered through the Adventure Club is also enjoying the consistency of regular people-centred delivery in an appropriate environment. Providing just the right level of challenge in real conditions : )

 Using the coastline off Peel, on the west coast of the Isle of Man, heading south into the teeth of the conditions, before returning towards the mighty Peel Castle and St Michaels Isle, a rocky playground with delightful wave formations this morning!

A lot of exciting news to follow : )
Catch you on the water soon

Mountains of Mourne - Easter @ Tollymore coming soon!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

March Skills Development

Sea Kayaking with our Adventure Club

This morning's sea kayaking training session with the Isle of Man Adventure Club, took place around Bradda Head. A great paddling venue especially if you know it well : )

Our British Canoeing personal performance awards training courses are running through the spring, for Adventure Club members: Foundation Safety & Rescue Training, 2 Star and 3 Star Awards, Coastal Navigation & Tidal Planning, and 4 Star Leader skills training.

 Indoor Kayaking with our Junior Paddlesport program 

 Yesterday's Junior Paddlesport sessions at Western Swimming Pool, Peel, throughout Saturday afternoon, pics of a few of the training groups from this week's sessions 1 and 2.

We also run Adults Paddlesport training, both for Adventure Club members and beginners Learn 2 Kayak courses, contact us about adults places available this May : )

How many reasons do you need to get involved in regular adventures on the Isle of Man : )

Catch you on the water soon!
Keirron & the Team

Friday, March 10, 2017

British Canoeing

I’m just back from the British Canoeing National Providers Conference. Staying (and training) with Katia either side of a potentially ‘riveting’ program of updates and discussion of delivery and awards structure.

I flew over from the Isle of Man on tuesday lunchtime and was out running along the Leicester canal with Katia late afternoon, returning as evening fell over the city…
Katia captain’s the Demontfort University woman’s rowing, so I’d packed appropriate training gear for my visit : )

Finishing the trip with an early swim (and sauna) at the university health club this morning (Friday), I’ve time to reflect on two of our own programs (Junior Paddlesport & Adventure Club) on the Isle of Man. I’m excited that our pathway meshes well with the modern British Canoeing model, as our team continue to provide the groundwork and opportunity to reach into performance (and competition) if desired.

The trip has been insightful and refreshing!

British Canoeing is rolling out developments are fit for purpose and in-line with the needs and wants of paddlers I’ve spoken to. The processes and the titles given to the evolving qualifications are more intuitive… a really positive culture going forward.
Jon Schofield, double Olympic medalist (London and Rio), spoke during the conference, sharing his perspectives and performance journey. A few of his words : )

Jon “got into (Paddlesport) through cub scouts.”
His experience of Paddlesport was “initially non-competitive” even though Jon has “always had a competitive side to his personality.”

It was an “opportunity to try ‘Wild Water Racing’ locally” that led onto his performance pathway as a junior, and to flat-water racing where Jon would medal in the Olympics.
He set himself the “massive goal” of being the world champion, in his racing discipline.

(within Paddlesport there are) “so many wildly different disciplines that tie in with that common thread”
Future champions; “…you don’t know who it’s going to happen to, often the most unusual (candidates).”

I’ve been travelling and training myself, and observing the full time athletes training at Nottingham (both paddlesport and rowing), and discussing structured training programs for both recreational and competitive paddlers. I’ve chatted with people on physically demanding programs. Collectively, it all provides a balanced view, a window through which to compare our own skills development pathway.

We provide the environment for people to develop their skills and challenge themselves, whilst minimising the risk of real harm. Regular exposure to adventure through personal choice inspires a long-term positive change in perspectives, (how people view life). Fundamentally, coaching in this context is enabling people to see what priorities work for them.  Enabling people to perform in something important to them.

I believe the British Canoeing framework, as an organisation providing life-long people development opportunity, is outstanding. The conference re-affirmed this.

Adventurous Experiences is an accredited British Canoeing centre, with an annual quality assurance inspection covering operating procedures, on the water delivery, risk management and equipment checks. We consistently receive excellent feedback.

As a British Canoeing centre, we deliver British Canoeing coach education and leadership training on the Isle of Man, in addition to personal performance training and awards. 
I am fortunate enough to also deliver education and training in other locations, worldwide : )

Exciting times!

Sunday, March 05, 2017

March Paddlesport

I've been listening to the excited twitter of songbirds early in the mornings and many of the early trees are in bud or blossom...

Adventure Club - Sea Kayaking in the Isle of Man

This morning's sea kayaking training with the Adventure Club was from Peel Castle, utilising the dynamic environment along the coastline, south of Fenella Beach.

Things are progressing well : )

Junior Paddlesport in the Isle of Man

Our march blocks of Junior Paddlesport kicked off on Saturday afternoon at Western Swimming Pool, Peel. All four session times are fully booked. With a new Stage 1 intake, and a whole spectrum of experiences and ages from 7 through to 15 years, its an awesome program to part of!

 Great to have a dedicated reliable team to work alongside, allowing us to individualise and create the ideal learning environment.

 Saturday was also Alice'e 18th Birthday!

Catch you on the water soon!
Keirron & the Team

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Snow Flurries

Adventure Club - skills development training

Having focussed on tactical skill development over the previous two weeks, the Adventure Club Sunday morning sea kayaking (today) used the sheltered conditions in Port Erin Bay to work on technical skills development.

a short spell of spectacular light during the session

Snow flurries throughout the session, yet not much evidence here of the F6/7 : )

A few images from sea kayaking with the Adventure Club, involving tactical decision making.
An inspirational backdrop to our classroom!

 It puts the regular training (both indoors and on the sea) year-round, into practice : )

 Catch you the water soon

ps. the mid-week paddle : )