Friday, December 15, 2017

Ice Climbing Cogne - Lillaz

I'm in Cogne (Italian Alps) ice climbing with Jim Gayler.
We experienced some interesting ice conditions over the last few days. Due to the heavy snowfall and associated high avalanche risk, we've been in the Lillaz area and routes are coming into nick nicely! 

Cascade de Lillaz & Loie routes, and checking out a few others... 
The Cogne Ice Opening festival opened last night, through today and the weekend, so the whole area got extremely busy today : )

Dropping to minus 11 now, grabbing an early start to get on some classic routes tomorrow!

Another great use for a Red Scaffolding business card, thanks Jazz : )

Sunday, December 10, 2017


Early Xmas Snow for the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man got a fine snowfall on Friday, which meant the weekend of family fun started early as school was off and sledging was on! : )

Rounding off the weekend this morning, Sea Kayaking with the Adventure Club, heading south from Peel Castle (on the west coast of the Isle of Man), using the sheltered rocky coastline to practice edging and dynamic strokes. The Mountains of Mourne were prominent today, coated white  : )

 Catch you on the water soon : )

ps. Xmas Vouchers available - Buy Online 

A member of out team will also be at Ballabrooie on Saturday 16th December, 9 'til 5pm for you to call in and pay with cash or cheque : )

Happy 16th Birthday Finn : )

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Spring Tides

The Adventure Club train every Sunday morning, year round. 

Sunday morning's sea kayaking training session with the Adventure Club IOM at the Calf Sound on 3rd December, embrace the Manx winter for its increased learning opportunities!! 


You'll need the sound ON : ) 

Adventure Club Xmas Social at Filbeys

Adventure Club sea kayaking skills development at Chicken Rock

Adults Paddlesport - Indoor Kayak Training over the winter 

Contact Us to sign up for January 2018

 Catch you on the water soon!

ps. Experiences also run year-round, on demand... on a family Sea Kayaking Experience at Laxey last Saturday, we saw a pod of Dolphins, Seals, Porpoise, Peregrine Falcons, Gannets, Fulmars...