Sunday, December 17, 2006

Adventure Club - Intermediate Paddle

Seals aplenty! Beginning at Port St Mary, the group paddled down the coast, past the Sugarloaf Cave and the lads climbing at the Chasms, and across the Sound to South Harbour on the Calf of Man. The immense seal colony was 'strewn' across the rocks, and in the water. Most were this year's young.
Fantastic cake and hot chocolate always makes break time a thing of joy! Julliette was missed today, as was Joe, who was at the Manx Paddlesports Slalom on the river Neb.

This was a typical half day relaxed trip for the intermediates, with a break at South Harbour before either paddling on round and out to Chicken Rock, and circumnavigating the Calf of Man, (a committing trip), or returning the way we came.
After a check on time and darkness not far away we took the easier option and left the Chickens for next Sunday!

Some fine re-entry and rolls from Michael, John and Neil, followed by a 'group brace' finished the paddle, and someone even managed a brisk swim to the slip... See blog continued.

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