Monday, November 26, 2007

All in a day's work...

We've had striking sunsets, flat calm seas, wind, rain and a mixture of them - all in one day, or varying massively from day to day. Rock Climbing is happening regularly and there is some excellent talent in the making! And despite gusty days, we're using locations which provide ideal learning conditions for our different ability groups.

Sunday's sessions (Intro to Sea Kayaking group, Adventure Club beginners, Intro-mediates, and Intermediates groups) were all run from Laxey Beach. A delightful stretch of coast for exploring, heading South past Herons and Shags, waterfalls from the recent rain, mating Seals in the rocky 'alcoves' and a fair few ducks on the water. Those who paddled North gazed beneith the towering cliffs and lesser used Climbing crags, round to Bulgham bay to spy the illusive Wild Goats grazing. Then on past secluded beaches, Dhoon bay and waterfall to Port Cornaa, a rocky beach with adjacent car park.

Engrained as one of our family favourite locations to visit, the lower fields and land belong to the Barony, who kindly give public access, enabling us as kids to race down the footpath, through the woodland to the fresh water pool.

The fastest and bravest plunges boldly in first, coming to the surface gasping and shrieking at the intense cold!!

The little river which feeds this natural beauty spot pours through Ballaglass Glen, gushing down the small falls, splattering the rocks and vegetation, past the old mill wheels and creating an almost fairytale, peaceful atmosphere.

After hot chocolate, sponge cake and various other treats, it time to paddle back to the beach, and reality again!

The Adventure Club is growing steadilly, with most members having sea kayaking as their primary focus. This may be because, especially in the pool sessions, students have had an instructor coaching one or two pupils, which is very fortunate and above even our generous instructor to client ratios. As a result students learn fast, and push their personal boundaries, taking maximum advantage of ample learning opportunities throughout.

The Adventure Club is a lot more than a group of individuals, and reasons why our members stay with us and continue to be so motivated, are greatly influenced by how all members operate as a team, have appreciation of each others progress and challenges and therefore get much more from every session. Our students learn from formal demonstrations and exercises as well as informal input from our staff, from the environment we have selected for that session, from others around them, and the feedback they receive from all these areas.

Our students trust that our staff have the customer as their primary focus and the experience to ensure the best progressive learning program for them, by building skills through experiencing varying situations and sea states, session upon session.

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