Sunday, January 20, 2008

Calf and Chickens in January...

It was with great delight that we watched the possibility of decent weather coming in for the weekend:)
Climbing was a joy on Saturday, introducung a couple of beginners to top roping, setting up anchors and a short bouldering session, as well as Dave leading his first trad ascent!

No pics i'm afraid, as hadn't enough hands...
A few pics from Sunday, starting a little damp for the novice session, but soon turning mild and dry making the trip even more enjoyable. The Intermediates headed off to the Calf, out to Chickens and then round to Cow Harbour for a break. The exceptionally large Seal colony were 'roosting' on the stone beach beneith us as we consumed delicious cakes and flasks of special concoctions. Then it was back to Port St Mary, followed by a young seal pup through Perwick Bay - almost to the harbour, swimming close behind the kayaks and trying successfully to nibble to toggle on Sam's Explorer... Eventually getting off the water as darkness fell. What a splendid day!!

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