Friday, April 03, 2009

Evening Paddle from Peel!

Setting off from Fenella Beach, Peel on the Isle of Man, with an ebbing tide and sun spreading its orange glow across the sea before sinking beneath horizon...

The light breeze evident on the earlier Youth Scholarship training session had dispersed, and the usual spring time evening chill as the sun disappears failed to materialise...

It must be Summer!!
"My first evening paddle – an unforgettable experience! An end to a beautiful sunny day on the Island – made more memorable by paddling out from the “Sunset City” watching the sun sinking with every stroke along the coast towards Glen Maye – perfect conditions, so still - Will definitely be on the next one!"

Evening rambles in the hills are particulary pleasant at this time of year, taking the dog for a walk being the ideal excuse :)

Coasteering sessions
As the air temperature lifts, the sea becomes far more appealing. Coasteering sessions run all year round, making full use of the cosy Sola summer steamers - but enthusiam has really picked up recently. Exploring a section of coast at sea level, gulleys, sea caves, ledges and exciting leaps make this one of the most effective team building activities, through shared experiences and plenty of fun!

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