Friday, October 16, 2009

a mid-week paddle... Sea Kayaking Isle of Man

"Just back in from this morning's paddle from Niarbyl with Nadene and Colin. Protected from the moderate NE wind, we put in close to high water, and after a few minutes spent getting used to the kayaks (our new Romany XL's from SKUK) we gently paddled South at a relaxed pace, exploring the rock gullies, inlets and low level caverns.

Passing a couple of adult Grey Seals gliding past, the sun warming us nicely, and very little effort involved in the actual paddling, we continued on to the White Beach, a favourite family spot with invigourating waterfall was Invigorating waterfall and plenty of rock scrambling nearby :)

You could see both paddlers relax into a steady rhythm of strokes, as one dramatic backdrop of scenery slipped into another...

Sun glinted off the water producing silver tinged hills and the glare gave a shower of blurred rays upon us.

Cormorants alighted the rocks as we passed, their mechanical wing-beat seeming almost prehistoric.

After passing a waterfall, we called off on a beach, with layers of smooth white stones and the occasional fish box. Time to stretch our legs and converse for a time...

Then it was time to return, now with the sun on our backs, and our view sharpened.
To our left the rolling hills gave a soft outline, dipping and climbing, and a Peregrine Falcon was being hassled by a pair of Crows to our right. Flying close in to the bracken, and losing its tormentors in the shadow of the hillside, the awesome bird returned to its perch.

Rounding the black rock jutting out from the bay, we paddled alongside a seal pup, sunbathing on the rock, little worried about the approaching kayaks.
It raised its head lazily to check us out, then continued with its self-pampering, allowing us to view its innocent beauty and intricate features.

It was hard to pull ourselves away and make the last part of our journey back to Niarbyl, so as a treat we continued past, heading North, exploring the rock gardens in that direction before returning to the beach.

It was indeed a splendid way to spend a week-day morning, and I look forward to many more such times" :)


** Check back shortly for video clips from the paddle **

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