Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Challenge in November - paddling & personal goals

"Yeah it was brilliant thanks, we all had such a good time. Thanks for the recommendation of the pub as well, we went to the creek inn on your recommendation and it didn't disappoint. The food totally hit the spot, just what I needed after all that kayaking! ..... Thanks again for the amazing experience."

Regular beginners 'experiences' continue year round. The motivation for many is not just an adventurous experience, but to try an adventure sport with a view to joining a structured progressive learning program. The Adventure Club training groups use the varied conditions to work towards their personal performance awards, and the realisation that adventures continue throughout the winter... we offer a lot more than just a summer sport :)

"Finding challenging conditions with impressive waves and sea states is hardly an accomplishment during a winter period - the skill and judgement is in providing the ideal learning environment for the students needs, every week / session, despite the conditions. "

To provide a safe environment for those with little or no experience on one session, with the excitement and challenge needed by the varying ability levels, up to and including advanced conditions.

With 2 groups of the Adventure Club 'Improvers' section working on their BCU 2* Personal Performance Awards (having passed their BCU 1* Awards in early October), and new members weekly joining the beginners / novice section, there is a strong base of paddlers developing on the Isle of Man.

Group safety is foremost in our culture, and students at this level also work on their BCU Foundation Safety and Rescue award, Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning and still find time for evening socials and special events!

Intro-mediate and Intermediate level training sessions concentrate on moving water skills, leadership, incident avoidance and rescues in sea conditions.

Courses for different ability levels run during the week and weekends, and block training programs run periodically.

Allowing enough time still for other adventures, corporate training programs, and our comprehensive staff training program.

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