Thursday, December 24, 2009

Chrismas Eve... adventure on the Isle of Man

On the Eve of Christmas, we're getting a stable weather pattern, with calm crisp days :)

Night paddles are breathtaking at this time of year - with an acute feel for the water, the body - the kayak and the paddle.... one of the most effective mediums to really 'feel' sea kayaking.

It's an unforgettable, magical experience...

"Hi Keirron

Just to say thanks for an absolutely unforgettable experience - I was expecting to be freezing but it was surprisingly warm! Nothing can match the experience of kayaking by moonlight - absolutely fanatastic!

Cheers and a very merry Christmas to you.


Beginning at Fenella Beach, we paddled round the Castle, heading North along the coast, gradually leaving the twinkling lights of Peel behind us...
Landing on a beach for a hot chocolate and fresh chocolate brownies before returning to Peel, viewing the castle from a impressive vantage point, and the decorated boats in the new marina!

"thanks for another amazing experience, paddling in the evening was a whole new sensation and truly unforgettable.
In the dark everything is so different, the sites from a completely different perspective are a real treat but I think it was feeling the closer connection with the water that really surprised me.

6 month ago if someone had suggested that I might be sitting in a kayak at night, in winter looking up at Peel castle I'd have thought they were mad. Now I know evening paddling is the future :)

Have a great Christmas,
See you Sunday


Coasteering in December with frostly mornings (and evenings), sprinklings of snow on the ground - has been mostly described as 'mad' and some other words I can't repeat...

Sophie and Gareth are visiting the island this Christmas and booked in for a super Coasteering session around Peel Castle! A terrific session, and wrapped up well, they had a cosy experience - and physically a fulfilling session :)

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