Thursday, April 22, 2010

mid week sea kayak trips from Douglas

Mid-week full day trip
A superb day on the water off today, paddling the East coast South from Douglas - putting in opposite the Queens Hotel on the prom.
Lunch on a secluded beach, relaxing in the sunshine, before returning in time to prepare for the evening paddle...
Gerry and George are both paddling strong and the pace opened up nicely along the way.

Evening Paddle
The evening family paddle left the beach just after 6pm, Adventure Club regulars and their young paddlers to be... Tim was also celebrating his birthday!

Young Adventurers loved the experience, and paddled well given they were 10 and 13 yrs.

Charity Effort
Paddy, Ros and Cookie have started training for their charity sea kayak crossing of the Irish Sea this summer.

Their training started with us last week, with two of the lads complete novices.

More on this as the time approaches...

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