Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sunday Paddles and breaching Basking Shark!

Sunday paddles and Adventure Club sessions ran from Port St Mary on Sunday, kicking off with beginners and improvers in the morning.

The Intermediates journeyed to South Harbour, on the Calf of Man, where a pleasant walk through the abundant sea pinks to a spot overlooking 'The Puddle' and the Chickens Rock.

A huge splash just offshore brought everyones attention to the sea, where we waited in anticipation for a minute or two, and then a half grown Basking Shark breached again entirely out of the water in full view!

We then rushed to get cameras ready but the show had concluded :)

A relaxing evening paddle concluded the day, in bright sunshine.
As we see the high pressure system again bringing us settled weather, we're looking forward to another week of Adventures!

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