Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Indoor Pool Training

Youth Scholarship - TR. 22

Tuesday was a 'stunner' on the Isle of Man, t-shirt weather continued!
The Youth Scholarship team completed an Evening Paddle south of Peel as this week's training session.
I believe we are confirming flights for next summer's expedition to Canada, next week : )

Sam's FMP class 

began at 6:30pm at Patrick Hall, so me and John missed that, and just had time to return to base, wash the kit, and collect the kit for the pool session... Contact us if you wish to join the weekly class.

Discover Sea Kayaking - B (training course)

The October 'Discover Sea Kayaking - B' course was fully subscribed as usual. 
Using the Western Swimming Pool (Peel), an excellent modern facility (where Keirron also trains with the lifeguard team), and coach to student ratios, the results are always outstanding.
The next Discover course (with places) which includes 4 sessions in the indoor pool, begins November 26th.
See Website Calendar for details and to book online.

 Blackberry Picking

As it's the season for blackberry picking, and the girls really enjoy the eating part, it's been a regular activity over the past couple of weeks : )

Catch you on or off the water soon!

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