Friday, March 14, 2014

Kim's open crossing...

... to Scotland on Thursday began with changing into thermals and drysuit at 4am, loading the gear he had prepared the previous evening, and driving north to the Point of Ayre.
Kim Tastagh, aged 19, set off on his first open crossing at 6am, from the Island's most northerly point.
Low mid-march temperatures and a minimum of 20 miles to land were not the only challenges however.

Visibility drifted between up to 20 mins ahead at best, and 20 yards at worst!
Kim described the crossing as 'a great physical challenge' and the sea fog as 'mentally draining'.

Pushing strong tidal streams, the crossing took 6 hours to the landing point in Loose Bay, (over 22 miles) a quick comfort break onshore then the further 5 miles up the coast to the Isle of Whithorn.
Kim, a coach at Adventurous Experiences, the Adventure Sports Centre based near St Johns, earned enormous respect from his paddling buddies on the challenge, George and Keirron.

George stated 'Kim's achievement has set him up well for the challenges he has planned for this year'.

Well done brother!! : )

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Gary Cooper said...

Well Done Kim, fantastic effort!