Sunday, April 13, 2014

Dolphins at Laxey!

Adrenaline Coasteering Session this morning off Peel Castle

 A stag party visiting from the UK, requesting a very exciting coasteering session : )
 Always happy to oblige!! : )

 Sea Kayak Trip off Laxey beach this afternoon

 Setting off just after a pod of 50 Dolphins passed through, some right in close to the harbour, throwing some acrobatics for the spectators, then heading South, past the Adventure Club paddlers who had journeyed up from Port Soderick...
 Challenging paddle at times, well done everyone!! : )

Saturday's Coasteering from Peel using another route...

Friday's Coastal Exploration

 Can we do a family route where we don't really get in the water...
 ..absolutely, we'll check out the rock pools and inter-tidal zone, a coastal exploration.
A terrific few days, and looking ahead every days is looking action packed!!
Here's to many more sunny adventures : )

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