Sunday, February 15, 2015

Charity DW Duo

Adventure Club members Rachel and Chris are training for the Devises to Westminster Canoe Race this Easter. They will be using a carbon SKUK Triton, working as a pair to complete the gruelling  125 miles (plus 77 portages) non-stop!

Rachel Smith & Chris Allix - DW Duo 

Both paddlers are raising money for the charitable trust Twincess, supporting parents of those with Down Syndrome, and changing perceptions of others to the condition.
"Twincess is place where families of those with Down’s Syndrome can connect, share, support and celebrate!"

This morning's sea kayak training was from Peel, Fenella Beach, in bright sunshine.
Operating as two groups, both headed South for the exciting rocky challenges en-route : )

Members of the Adventure Club will be travelling over to support Chris and Rachel on their DW challenge!

So great to have blue skies, beaming sunshine and great company on the water!!
The Guillemots & Razorbills have started arriving on the sea cliff ledges, and Eider Ducks were dotted about along the route.

Looking forward to another week of paddling, and smiling : ))

Cookie modelling the new Adventure Club t-shirt, when you renew your membership.

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