Sunday, May 24, 2015

Basking sharks are here!

Some photos from the last few days;

Laxey Sea Kayaking

Laxey is one of our favourite venues for relaxed sea kayaking, with options to paddle north to Dhoon glen or south to Garwick bay.

Basking Sharks are here!

John was lucky enough to get out to see the arrival of the basking sharks to manx waters last week (thanks to a useful text from Fergus who was watching from shore). There were a number of sightings of sharks in Port Erin bay towards the end of last week.
As experienced coaches working in the outdoors regularly we have a natural respect for the environment we work in. It's fantastic that Sea kayaking is one of the least obtrusive methods of viewing marine wildlife and particularly when viewing basking sharks, often the paddler will just sit quietly some distance away and allow the shark to show their curiosity and swim to the paddler - and every occasion is a truly unforgettable experience!

Saturday Coasteering 

A few shots of the group of lads from the weekends Coasteering session around Peel castle.

Sunday Sea Kayaking 

Really enjoyable morning with the club as usual! Paddling south from Port St Mary towards the chasms, Sugarloaf stack is alive with Guillemots, Razerbills and Kittiwakes at the moment... 
And a usual bit of wet training thrown in too...
Sunday Afternoon Sea Kayak trip:
Great to meet some new faces and looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Over in Ireland Keirron and George are heading south and now enjoying some wild and rugged coastline. 
You can follow their adventure here:

And they are raising funds for the RNLI.

Looking forward to more adventures this week!
John, Kim, Fergus & the team

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