Sunday, June 14, 2015

Dynamic Day

 Locations for our Sunday (today's) Sea Kayak Trip's on the Isle of Man were dynamic in nature, due to the changing conditions and forecast wind direction...

 ... paddling from Port St Mary this morning...

beginner's sea kayaking - led by Keirron & Kim

 Adventure Club - led by John & Tim

...and the afternoon sea kayaking took place at Laxey Beach, further up the Isle of Man's East coast, continuing the hot sunshine theme! 

 beginners afternoon from Laxey Beach

A tremendous day of sea kayaking on the Isle of Man, loads of wildlife, and lots of fun!!

Catch you on the water soon!
Keiron & the Team

ps. Saturday's Coasteering journey around Peel Castle used the challenging conditions to raise a few pulses along the way... : )

pps. a post from the Adventure Club 4 day Circumnavigation expected soon : )

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