Friday, February 26, 2016

Surfing in the Dark

Last Night's Paddle with Adventure Club members

Setting out from Peel, a bouncy start round the Castle, then heading north into stillness and calm : 0
Spectacular evening, and Rowan spiced it up with a spot of surfing at White Strang!
You can't hold folk back : 0

 Snapped this on the way home

Youth Scholarship - TR. 37

 The Youth Scholarship wednesday evenings adventure was also from Peel, and conditions were a little exciting... Only a month to go before we Circumnavigate the Island.
Quite an adventurous experience for all : 0

 A small flock of geese turned up on Fenella Beach to see the group off.

 Junior Paddlesport at Peel Pool

 Plenty of fun action in the pool last Saturday as the last Indoor Kayaking course (before October) got underway. Its great to see how variable practice and lots of games really engages the young athletes, and how their skills are improving week by week!

Just launched our NEW 'Learn2Kayak' adults course which filled within 24 hours.
It seems the formula works well : )

Catch you on the water soon

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