Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Awesome Calf of Man

 Sunrise at 'the mines' 

Friday was the perfect day to kayak across to the Calf of Man, putting in at the Sound at low water, with a large grey seal colony observing us... and quite a few tourists watching them! : )

Landing at Cow Harbour, in right sunshine, wishing we'd dressed a bit lighter : )
Alice and Aoibhinn loved the experience of many of the local friendly 4 horned 'Manx Loaghtan' sheep flock now have fluffy lambs in tow.

Juvenile grey seals sunbathing on the Rocks at the Calf of Man

 We had to a wriggle on, as it was John's leaving drinks (and food) at the Bay in Port Erin, at 6:15pm and we'd spent the afternoon leisurely strolling the Calf of Man : )

 Sunset at Port Erin Beach on Friday

 So many terrific wildlife sightings. The overpowering smell from the flowers, leading us to see the bumble bees collecting nectar, the wooly lambs, the seals and the stunning scenery!!

 Catch you on the water soon : )

ps. Off to Brussels this week for a European Watersports seminar...

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