Saturday, June 17, 2017

TT Week and beyond

Sporadic weather through late May and early June ensured dynamic decision making was an inherent element in delivering unforgettable customer-centred experiences.
Feedback has been highly positive; the team consistently do a terrific job : )

"thoroughly enjoyed myself and your instruction and guiding were exemplary" Rob

"I am leaving something for Kim and Fergus with Fiona at Knockaloe Beg. They were super patient and all round awesome!" Lyn

"we all had an ace time, the girls haven't stopped talking about it!" Andy

Castle Rushen High School - Enterprise Challenge 2017 Winners

 Sea Kayaking in the Isle of Man

 Suitable for those with and without previous sea kayaking experience.

Spectacular views and wildlife. Visit secret places only accessible by sea kayak, observing seals, birds and other marine life unobtrusively, led by highly experienced, professional coaches.
An unforgettable journey of discovery.

Explore a section of stunning Manx coastline.

Coasteering involves scrambling, swimming and progressive exciting challenges through natural features; following a route at sea level, under the professional guidance of our highly experienced coaches.
A guaranteed Unforgettable Adventurous Experience!

Skills Development in the Isle of Man

'Coaching People, Changing Perspectives' 

Skills Development courses and programs, delivered by professional experienced coaches, recommended and adopted by Adventurous Experiences. 

Skills are built more effectively with innovative coaching. 
We believe in your capacity to grow, and we have the skills to help you unlock your potential. We provide regular relevant purposeful practice, tasks that stretch your current beliefs and 'limitations', combined with specific feedback based on our extensive coaching experience.

Catch you on the water soon.
Keirron and the Team

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