Saturday, November 16, 2019

Junior Paddlesport - the next 'Academic Year'

Award Winning People Development Program

Junior Paddlesport at Western Swimming Pool runs indoors from September to March and outdoors over the summer : ) An intake of new juniors joined the Saturday afternoon training sessions, learning through games, challenge and fun exercises, guide age 8 - 15yrs... 

The most experienced Juniors have earnt a place in our Youth Scholarship program : )
This youth development and leadership training program runs along the Junior Paddlesport modules, delivering expedition training units... in preparation for their wilderness expedition!

The Trainees (previous Youth Scholarship team who completed their wilderness expedition in the Arctic Circle in August '19) are assisting with Junior Paddlesport sessions (you'll spot them in their blue t-shirts), increasing personal performance and working towards their coaching and leadership awards. This includes joining Adventure Club sessions on a Sunday morning : )

The Coaching team (who have been through this entire process) are professionals with a real understanding of Risk Utilisation, and external qualifications to back up their years of experience coaching and leading people in Adventure Sports. They are actively involved in tutoring and mentoring, and passionate about people development.

 Catch you on the water soon : )
Keirron and the Team

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