Sunday, June 01, 2008

Alice's first kayaking trip...

Luck has brought all its friends to the Isle of Man TT festival this year, hot sun, light winds (calm seas for us), and importantly dry race days, with the only bit of precipitation due to fall on the days off...
Evening paddles and Sea kayak Trips have been immensely popular as predicted, and one of the staff have confirmed the reports of Basking Sharks feeding at the surface, as he watched 5 of them whilst climbing yesterday! Looking forward to many more exciting encounters this week as the wind moves to the South West.

Meanwhile, Coasteering is coming a close second in popularity to our specialist area, and its easy to see why!
Alice had her first sea kayak trip in the 'mighty Triton experience', with Katia alongside in the 'sister' double kayak, under the control of Sam. What a stunning day!
Clarity exceptional, the whole sea bed was in view most of the time, even in the caves.
Sunday's paddles ran from Ny Arbyll, practicing manoeuvres around the rocky coast with plenty of wildlife to spot! And some amusing antics on the Intermediate session...
The view from the 'sharp end' of a Coasteering display after the group had completed that section.

Lastly, the June Kayaking courses have a few spaces available; including 'Introduction to Sea Kayaking' and 'Improvers' Sea Kayaking - four part courses begining this coming Sunday. Details on the website Calendar, get in touch soon :)

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