Monday, June 09, 2008


Very light SW winds and silky calm seas are perfeect conditions for all sorts of wildlife encounters... Paddling on the sea with Basking Sharks swimming around and beneith provides a phenomenal, educational and safe, unforgettable adventurous experience. Even though we've seen these up to 35ft long, its by consuming microscopic Plankton that they grow to this size. Following the WiSe code of conduct and allowing them to approach the group in the right way, they are very astute and curious and certainly no threat.
Seals are another such creature, also protected from negative human influence, and like other marine animals and mammals when in close proximety to unobtrusive sea kayaks, often display very cute and intriguing behaviours... The young seal pictured in the centre of the group above having a 'chat' with Chris, had approached slowly from the Thousla rock (on which sits the pepperpot light) , and given an added thrill to the contented folk drifting lazilly about in the bay, sun beaming down and Loughten Sheep grazing on the grassy slopes above. Biscuits and mineral water accompanied the sunbathing on the rocks nearby, before beginning the return journey. Crossing the formidable Sound running gently, around Kitterland and along the sheer rocky coastline back to the beach..
The afternoon trip was made even more delightful by luck holding out on the weather, and the forecast cloudy conditions not materialising...

Perfect for paddling, perfect for pictures!

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