Sunday, July 22, 2012

Viking Longboat Races 2012

 Adventurous Experiences entered a team in the World Viking Longboat Championships again this year.
 As defending Champions of the mixed category, we also had a few experiences to run before the race...
 In the morning Jane's Hen Party enjoyed benign conditions, Sea Kayaking South from Fenella Beach towards Contrary Head, where a few Basking Sharks were being sighted that morning, a little offshore...
 They were great company, and arriving back at the Beach, the Viking Longboat Races were preparing to begin. So there was just time before we were scheduled to be on to run a Coasteering session for a Stag Party visiting the Isle of Man : )
 The 'stag' had to wear the usual paraphernalia, along the scenic route, low level traversing, swimming, stepping into the water from varying heights, and exploring the caves.
 The tide was ideal for the route the lads wanted, and hot sunshine brought extra smiles as well.
 As with every group and journey we deliver, there are many options, including how little or how much excitement you want, and these guys wanted plenty!
 The sea water was absolutely clear, making the turquoise depths harder to judge for anyone not experienced, and everything beneath highly visible, plant-life, fish and the occasional seal!
 Then it was a quick change and get ready for the Big Event.
We'd brought 5 new crew into the ten person team. Had a good run, and certainly worked pretty hard!
 Thanks to everyone from Adventure Club for all your efforts and for those who made it to the practices as well : )  Already looking forward to next year!!

ps. A couple of snaps from this afternoon's coast & caves session, sheltered from the strong SSW winds which developed, as forecast.
 The morning's Sea Kayak Training was concentrating on leadership, kayak awareness and manoeuvring in wind, following on previous sessions on this theme. 

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