Monday, February 18, 2013

a buzz in the air

Sea Kayaking progession 
There is a definite buzz in the air (and on the water), things are getting increasingly active, and folk are are too! The wildlife are more prolific, and plenty of positive energy around. 
 Saturday's progressive sea kayaking session ran from Port Erin beach, meandering along the coastline, having a break for Katia's renowned flapjack and hot drinks on an otherwise inaccessible beach...
Spotting a border patrol cutter cruising past, and briefly popping into the bay, before it headed off again.
With the wind at our backs we returned to Port Erin to finish with some wet skills in the bay.
George is impressed with the students on the 2* training course, working on their canoe handling skills.
Sunday morning's Discover Sea Kayaking final paddle was also from Port Erin,  
 Our perspective from sea level provided ideal viewing of a rescue of some stranded sheep by the Port Erin Cliff Rescue Team - as well as a timely rest on the trip. (Andy gave a hand from below).
 Arriving back at the beach in time to meet the Adventure Club - Intermediate's, eat some lunch and swap stories before we headed off the Calf. 
The next stage for students following the Discover Sea Kayaking Course, is the progressive learning program, delivered through the Adventure Club.
 As predicted, quite a bouncy afternoon journey, perfect conditions for the group, providing incremental challenges, with areas where it eased off in between. Some sizeable swell and interesting headlands, especially beneath the Drinking Dragon.
 Good lines by Tony who led the advanced sections, plenty of white stuff around would have made for terrific photo's, hoping George got a couple.
 Another great day in delightful company, on the sea in the bright sunshine, seals, shags, and a welcome sign of the coming spring, the Guillemots have arrived to breed and nest!
ps. its nearly into the climbing season as well : 0

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