Thursday, February 21, 2013

Youth Scholarship - TR 2.

Team photo by Mike Wade
 Tuesday evening's Youth Scholarship - Development and Leadership Program, 2nd training session took place beneath the mighty Peel Castle, with a tremendous panoramic sunset backdrop.

From the initial intake of 22 students from Castle Rushen High School, Queen Elizabeth II High School (my secondary school) and Ballakermeen High School, there are now 19 students progressing on the self-selection program delivered and funded by Adventurous Experiences.

As our main Community Project, (we also raise funds for the RNLI and other directly linked charities, and well as reduced rate youth group activities) our Youth Scholarship program is a focal point of our long term strategy to raise the level of outdoor skills and safety on the Island.

"Running since 2002, the program has a long standing history of bringing about life changing experiences and perceptions within young people, putting back into our community."
Looking forward to next Tuesday already : )

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