Saturday, January 18, 2014

Kayak Pool Bonanza!

Today kicked off with the Senior Adventure Club training at the Calf of Man, followed by three Kids Kayak Pool sessions at Western Swimming Pool.
 The first indoor pool session was a 12th birthday party, and what a energetic session it was!!
 Great to see everyone having a lot of fun, and learning some fundamentals of kayaking too : )

 Kids Kayak Pool Courses

 Then followed the first of the Kids Kayak Pool Courses, running over four weeks.
 This first session was looking at water confidence, learning to move, balance and enjoy kayaking!
 Then straight into the second course, working on the same principles.
Next week will be progression from today's fun and games, also continuing the important team elements.
 A really excellent day, and a great to start to Paddlesport for you all! : )
See you on the water soon
Keirron & the Team

All Kids Kayak Pool Courses scheduled until mid-February are full.
All Adults Tuesday evening Kayak Pool Courses are full until beginning April.

 Given the demand, we are expecting to announce additional courses...
Please get in touch if you wish to book a kayak pool party or skills course 

ps. a few pics from the week just gone.

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