Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Adventure club expedition to the Outer Hebrides

This year the Adventure Club has a number of trips running, of which last weeks expedition to the Outer Hebrides, led by George being for the most experienced group. 
The group returned at the weekend having successfully completed all objectives!
Paddling over 150km over 5 days!
The group set off from Castle Bay on the Island of Barra and headed south...
As the group rounded Bernaray also known as Barra Head, the Atlantic Swell arrived and for the next day we paddled north up the West coast, reaching the Sound of Harris and to the more sheltered waters of the east. 

Arriving back in Castle Bay on day 4, giving an extra day to explore the islands around the coast of Barra.
"Well done team, personally I believe you all excelled yourselves and I'm looking forward to more adventures with you to come" George

We'll be running more trips like this next year..

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