Saturday, July 11, 2015

Llanberis Slate

Back home in the Isle of Man, from another adventure with Jim, exploring more North Wales rock.
I took the early flight over wednesday morning, and was eating breakfast at Pete's Eats in Llanberis village by 10am, watching the rain and wind outside...

Before lunchtime the rain had had stopped, cloud was starting to lift in the Pass. Leaving the wet crags near the layby's, we stomped up Dinos Mot, (my short little legs trotting to keep up with Jim) up to Crib Goch via its empty north ridge, and continued on the Snowdon Horseshoe. An ex foliating experience in 40mph winds!

Lunch at the summit before lifting the pace to a run, descending via the Watkins path, onto Llewedd and down to the Minors track, back up to the Pig track and dropped back into the Pass...
Pizza and a pint at Gallit y Glyn Hotel set us up well for the following day...

A leisurely start, followed by two breakfasts and a few cups of coffee to soak up the previous night's merriment, and it was onto Riolite rock at Tremaddog in the blissful sunshine. 'Merlin Direct' took us up to our third breakfast, and a large mug of tea at Erik Jone's cafe, by which time things were improving, slightly. 'Scratch Arete' took up the remainder of the day, descending to the car early evening. 
Pizza and a pint were again calling, but more restrained evening meant we were both firing well for our third day, heading into the famous slate quarries.

Vivian Quarry - 'Mental Lentils'

 Bus Stop Quarry - 'Fools Gold'


 Lots of exploring, Darly's Hole and California areas...

 finishing with 'Tubing the Loon' - Australia.
An absolutely brilliant day, completing a terrific trip to Llanberis!!

Looking forward to September... : )

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