Tuesday, November 17, 2015

November Gales

Indoor Kayaking at Western Swimming Pool, Peel on Saturday afternoons

With students from four of our long-term development programs, our Saturday afternoon Indoor Kayaking training is enjoying healthy participation levels ; )

Our Junior Paddlesport program (ages 8 to 15) offers certificated Stages 1-5, with graduates from this program progressing through our Long Term Adventure Development and Performance pathway. 

Our adult Adventure Club members also use the Indoor Kayaking for extra skills training during the winter months, complementing their 'on the sea' training on a Sunday.

The November Indoor Kayaking (4 weekly one hour sessions) also has 4 students from our Youth Scholarship Program, completing the Kayak Safety training element of their 18 month program, in addition to their full team weekly training outdoors...

Youth Scholarship - Development & Leadership Program

 Wednesday afternoon Youth Scholarship training TR 25. during Half Term with a reduced team...

 Delightful paddling in flat conditions, working the rocky coastline, with a biscuit break half way!
Last week's evening session involved some planning followed by a night hike up Slieau Whallian, mostly with out torches... challenging conditions!

Coaching People, Changing Perspectives

We are once again Finalists in the Awards for Excellence for Corporate Social Responsibility.
Looking forward to Thursday Evening!!

Coach Development

Sunday afternoon's Coach Development followed the morning decision making theory session for Adventure Club members (due to originally paddle on the sea...)

The coaches met for an Indoor Kayaking training session, before the main full coaching team meeting, discussing various riveting topics, updating the team on business developments and achievements, updates to our risk management guidelines and policy, and our role in the UK Drowning Prevention Strategy.

Home baked lasagne followed by tiramisu was the reward : )


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