Sunday, February 25, 2018

Skills Development

Junior Paddlesport @ Western Swimming Pool

Saturday afternoon Junior Paddlesport skills development program, winter indoor kayaking at the friendly Western Swimming Pool, Peel. 

Adventure Club - Sea Kayaking off Peel this morning

Using the challenging conditions off the west coast of the Isle of Man this morning, the Sunday morning Adventure Club skills development program, outdoor training year-round.

Adults Paddlesport @ Western Swimming Pool

Sunday afternoon Adults Paddlesport skills development training, winter indoor kayaking at the friendly Western Swimming Pool, Peel. From absolute beginners through to Adventure Club members and coaches.

Solo Kayak to Scotland and Back

Wednesday conditions allows a solo crossing from Point of Ayre (Isle of Man) to the Isle of Whithorne (Scotland). On arrival in Scotland, I took a small break to cook up some hot food, and then paddled back again...

"Be bold, start cold! I tried to be bold as i scraped the ice off the windscreen, and climbed into the Defender with my hat an gloves on! Kitted up in the dark, set off at first light and arrived in Isle of Whithorn, Scotland late morning. Sub-4 hour crossing from the Isle of Man 😁 sloppy sea state 3/4 and delightful easterly wind to prevent overheating! The return trip included a bit of battle, touching home gravel as the sun sank out of sight... February training goal achieved!"

Catch you on the water soon
Keirron and the Team

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