Sunday, March 04, 2018

Ice Kayaking

Sea Kayaking beneath hanging ice off the west coast of the Isle of Man

The outcome of consistent, weekly training year-round was exemplified on this morning's Adventure Club training session. We used the west coast of the Isle of Man for technical work on edge control and timing  : ) Admiring the ice formations hanging on the sea cliffs, as we paddled beneath...

Alice is celebrating her 19th Birthday over at Tollymore

Indoor Kayaking - Skills Development at Western Swimming Pool

The Saturday afternoon Junior Paddlesport program is at a really exciting stage.
 Our most recent intake (who started in September) are into their 4th module, using controlled edge and full hip rotation in their kayaks, capsizing and releasing their spraydecks underwater...
aged 7 - 11yrs.


The other 3 progression groups are in their Long-Term Adventure Development (LTAD) stage, learning to eskimo roll, refine their safety and teamwork skills, and increase performance...

 Our Adults Paddlesport on Sunday afternoons offers a training environment suitable for absolute beginners learning the fundamentals of balance, control and water safety, through to highly experienced Adventure Club members and coaches, refining their personal skills.

 It is tremendously exciting being part of a truly dynamic program, delivered by a people centred coaching team, who are highly motivated to keep progressing both their students and themselves!

We are very fortunate that our benefit driven programs not only bring the benefits (and challenges) of regular professional training, they inherently deliver risk management education... and so make participation in adventure sports with us a Safe - Fun - Learning experience.

Catch you on the soon : )
Keirron and the Team

Youth Scholarship - Expedition Unit 3 (navigation by moonlight) 

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