Sunday, June 16, 2019

Bespoke Course

Weekend bespoke course for visiting group

Adventurous weekend in the sunny Isle of Man for a group of lads who shared a house at university... youngest guy in the group is 63 yrs : )
They took a flight over on Friday (early evening), and flew back home this afternoon, having enjoyed some spectacular experiences Coasteering, Sea Kayaking, wining and dining : ) It was immense!

 Great to meet you all, and to see you again John!

Coasteering Experiences

Coasteering experiences yesterday, and Father's Day today around the mighty Peel Castle : )

Adventure Club Training 

The Adventure Club training this morning was led by Tim and Kim, using the spring tides off the Drinking Dragon and the Sound!

Catch you on the water soon : )
Keirron and the Team

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