Monday, February 12, 2007

Champagne Day out!

A day to celebrate - the new sea kayk fleet takes to the water!

Each 'Sea Kayaking UK' (formerly NDK) is personalised with a hand painted picture of the different marine life you'll see whan having an 'Adventurous Experience' with us. The name in Manx is also on each kayak, such as the 'Stronnag' - Guillemot and the 'Gobbag Vooar' - Basking Shark!
I also recieved my Lendal Wings to practice with, in Preparation for the Vancouver Island Record Attempt in May this year.

Delightful blades, plenty of extra power without loss of much support.

Perfect weather to test them out in!

After the advanced Staff Training and a quick lunch, we unloaded the new kayaks from the trailer, and the Intermediates headed for Glenmaye, and the begoinners group staying within the confines of Peel bay.

Finally the uncorking of the Champagne followed (appologies for the shaky pic, guess the photographer was a bit nervous of the direction the cork may go.....

Pictured are;

Neil, Gareth, Jenny, Joe, Janet, Lauren, Andy, John, Juliette, Terry, and front row myself and John.

Thanks guys for a great day, see you next week!

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