Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sat stroll, Port St Mary - Calf Sound

Easy day Saturday, enjoying the beautiful weather and motivated by the sightings of 6 Orcas off the Calf this week, decided to take a gentle stroll along the South Coast in the hope of sighting some interesting marine life.

On the way spotted Doug and Beef making best use of the weather... Looked a bit difficult so I hastily made my excuses and trotted after the others.
A few new climbs on this wall ranging from E4 - E7, with no obvious escape route.

Lunch overlooking the Chasms, watching sea kayakers paddling past far below.

Then following the coastal path round Black Head and Spanish Head till the Calf Sound came into view.
A flock of Choughs were circling just in front. This area of the Island is one of the few main breeding sites in the UK for these birds, and is one of the main species identified as protected by the Manx National Heritage, ensuring a climbing ban on these cliffs between Mid March - Mid July.

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