Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sunday paddle - Canon's last trip...

Following the beautiful Saturday sunshine, we met at Port Erin and surveyed the thick fog, hmmmm decisions, decisions! Conditions looked set to clear quicker from Port St mary, and as we paddled out, so did the sun, very pleasant.

Kim's Bday treat was a ride in the 'Mighty Triton Experience'. He loved it.

Sarah and Dave turned back at the Sound, had some pressing matters to attend to...
Unfortunately, this was to be Canon's last stand. As I pulled my pride and joy camera from the Drybag, in which the long suffering digital SLR was nestled, sea water also poured out...
So much for it being a 'drybag'!

It did a few more pics before finally giving in. So we may be reliant upon borrowed waterproof models until it can be speedily replaced.
Much less of a baby seal population at the Calf on this trip, seems that one theory of the recent Orca sightings is that the young Killer Whales are brought here, as of other locations with large seal colonies, to learn how to catch the young seal pups!
Hot chocolate seems to be the 'in thing'!

Getting back on the water at South Harbour

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