Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Aleutian's Expedition - May 2012

Me and George have been methodically organising the extensive list of kit to shipped out to Anchorage, Alaska, in time for our adventure.
As the list of sponsors and supports grows, so does the need for additional organisation.
We'll be posting regular updates on the Expedition Blog from now on.

Indoor Kayak Pool Course
The final pool course (the first 4 sessions of the discover sea kayaking B course) began this evening, the next 'Discover Sea Kayaking - B' course is scheduled for next October. During the summer we will continue to offer the 'Discover Sea Kayaking - A' course, four weekly sessions on the sea : )
Check the website Calendar or contact us to learn to kayak - beginning 1st April, 10am.

 Happy Birthday Theia - 2 today!

Youth Scholarship - TR. 43
Hill Navigation was the training session theme for this afternoon, and the rain and wind gave an added element of challenge and fulfilment : )
 some extraordinary light in the early mornings
See you soon : )

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