Wednesday, March 28, 2012

George Shaw smashes kayak record

The 'Round the Isle of Man' sea kayak circumnavigation record was smashed by George Shaw yesterday, completing the 115km in 13 hours 33 minutes, using a standard Sea Kayaking UK (NDK) Explorer. Touring class. George left Peel, Fenella Beach at 5:58am and returned at 19:31. 
Just off the phone to George now. He was really pleased with time, excellent training for the forthcoming Aleutian's 2012 Expedition. He said a key motivating factor were the spearmints in his BA!
George was assisted in carrying his kayak up the beach by his cousin Ian Moon, who also took a few pics : )
This category was previously held by Freya Hoffmeister, who recorded 14hrs and 7 minutes in 2006, also using a Sea Kayaking UK (NDK) Explorer. Touring class 

John Willacy circumnavigated on 12th July 2010, measuring 62.2 Nautical Miles in 12 hours, 36 minutes, 32 seconds on a Rockpool Taran. Fast Touring Class
In keeping with the ethos of self-self-sufficiency within sea kayaking, both were unsupported trips.

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