Monday, April 23, 2012

Guillemots & Razorbills

 Spotted a few pairs of Black Guillemots in Perwick Bay on Sunday...
 as we headed along the South coast, then through Sugarloaf Caves, and to view the magnificent Sugarloaf Rock, an amazing sight with rows upon rows of guillemots and razorbills beginning to nest.
 Funny little characters in flight, we're very lucky to have these summer visitors. 
 Jim and Mia joined us on the water too, as part of their Discover Sea Kayaking course.
Great to see you both and share such a relaxed afternoon.

Congratulations to Sam Murphy who passed his BCU 5 Star Leadership Award over the weekend.
Sam  is already Operations and Senior Coach at Adventurous Experiences, and is leading the coaching team on the Isle of Man whilst i'm away, taking over from me tomorrow when he gets back : )

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