Sunday, April 15, 2012

a Sunday of fun

 Adventure Club paddles in Port Erin Bay today were a mixture of structured coaching and larking about in (and out) of kayaks. Hot sun, sheltered from the Northerly wind, beautiful!
 As Juan joined us on the water this morning in the double, we decided to include double action in the afternoon session, with everyone pairing up for skills and thrills in the 'Mighty Triton' : )
 With the Calf of Man being one of our favourite paddling locations, it was fresh to stay local in the bay and practice paddle feel, vertical paddle strokes, and a bit of cave exploration.
There's a lot to fit in before me and George head off on our adventure...
It's going to be a hectic few weeks!

A few pics from Tony from the last week...
 Leon - the “pot” at the end of the rainbow

and lastly a couple of others from beaches this week...

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