Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Are you a believer… people?

Just back on the ferry from Heysham (near Lancaster) early this morning, after paddling over to Whitehaven with Chris Allix yesterday. Chris has begun his Man to Monaco trip in style with a 30+ mile open crossing, in a reasonable bouncy sea, with a fair amount of tidal currents to calculate, side winds reaching F5 to allow for, in what deteriorated into poor visibility and rain : )

We left the Point of Ayre at 11:15am with quite a send-off (Chris does like to do things in style) and headed out over the Whitestone bar and North of the Bahama sand bars and into the shipping lanes…
Arriving in Whitehaven harbour at 8:15pm, after 9 hours in the kayaks, we managed to spot a few puffins, various vessels (mostly faint outlines) and a lot of diving gannets. Taking a water break for 5 minutes hourly, a couple of snacks along the way, and then finally sighted Whitehaven directly in front of us, 30 minutes before we got there. 
It’s always nice when the theory planning in the lecture room transfers to fairly accurate judgement on the water, if a somewhat lengthier experience than originally planned : )
A massive congratulations Chris, I’m really pleased to see this project underway, and to see you achieve such a momentous day’s paddling!
All the best for your trip ahead.

ps. I'm also pleased I warmed up with few lengths in the pool, and completed Sam's pre-season rugby strength training circuit session the previous day... and Chris, I'll bet the photographers there got some better shots of you!
Theia came down to see us off, with Nad and Jan, adding to the many well wishers on the beach.
These things make a big difference to a trip which requires a robust mental attitude.
 Missed our usual morning adventure yesterday, had to make do with a quick session on the trampoline, hope the rain stops soon so we can make up for it today : )

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