Saturday, June 23, 2012

a rainy day in June...

... a group of lads wanted an adventurous day on the Isle of Man. They were up for some adrenaline, and a day of physical activity as a group of mates (and marine biologists) interested in the marine environment and wildlife. Working around the world, as far as S. Georgia, they had some good stories.
 Quality kit & clothing on a sheltered route meant a very enjoyable Friday all round, and we (as coaches) got some extra knowledge on bits along the way!
 Apologies for the quality of the pics, it was raining quite a bit, and the Coasteering was timed nicely to make best use of the swell which arrived in the afternoon...
I think somewhere along the way it was also a combined stag party for a few of the lads, all mates from University days who meet up occasionally for a blast!
 Really good to have you out on the water : )

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