Thursday, May 24, 2018

Summer has arrived!

Sunset Evening Paddle off Niarbyl in the Isle of Man

Tuesday evening Sea Kayaking experience using the benign conditions sheltered by the 'Tail of Rocks' to allow our newer folk to get familiar with the kayaks, before gradually feeling the exposure of conditions as we journeyed... amazing light too! : ) 
Folks on our Adults Paddlepsort skills development program are progressing well.

 Adventure Club - mid-week training

 I met up with folk part way through their trip, for some moving water wet skills training off the Calf of Man yesterday, and we had a great adventure in summer conditions!

 Amazing times, amazing people!
Kim returned from his time in Australia, in time for a family 80th yesterday, so the coaching team is in full strength again : )

Catch you on the water soon

Sunset Paddles

Sunset Sea Kayaking in the Isle of Man

 Gav celebrates his 40th Birthday, in the Isle of Man

It's been another active few days in and on the water, at Peel on the west coast of the Isle of Man : )
Sunset evening paddles, Coasteering around the castle and rescue training with the Adventure Club IOM!

We'll open an experience Sea Kayaking, Coasteering or Gorge Scrambling to suit you with a group 4 or more:

Katia returns to the Island tonight, and hits the ground running as a member of our coaching & communications team : ) Katia's dedication to her degree course and 'challenging the status quo' in her designing adventure wear, has been praised by industry experts. Watch this space!

Contour Fashion students at De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) have impressed a panel of industry experts with their innovative ideas and…

40th Bday mini-expedition

40th Birthday: mini-expedition Sea Kayaking and camping in the Isle of Man

I met Gav whilst ice-climbing in Cogne, Italy just before Christmas and he suggested an idea for his 40th Birthday this May...  a private course.
The lads from Stoke arrived on the Island at 7am on a Monday and were on the water in loaded kayaks by mid-morning, paddling and camping till Friday : )

The team had an eventful few days, with plenty of hot sunshine, rescuing a lucky spaniel as we arrived just after it had fallen off the cliff! Thursday included a Coasteering experience around Peel Castle, and an afternoon wildlife spotting trip and a magic sunset paddle on their last evening : )

Catch you on the water soon

Skills Development

Skills Development in the Isle of Man

"Just in from a glorious day sea kayaking from Port St Mary in the Isle of Man! Adventure Club training at the Drinking Dragon overfall in the morning, beginners experience in the afternoon and Adults Paddlesport this evening... Blue skies, warm sunshine, great conditions and lots of smiling people : )) admiring the cherry and apple blossom in the orchard last night, it's great to be home! "


Catch you on the water soon : )

Keirron and the Team

The Isle of Man in bloom