Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Dolphins, puffins, sleeping seals...

Just back in from sea kayaking with Risso dolphins off Niarbyl, on the west coast of the Isle of Man! 😎 today's paddle was a truly unforgettable experience 🙌

More to follow... : )

Catch you soon!


Monday, June 01, 2020

1st Day of June

An absolute pleasure to have our trainee's back on the water this evening 😊 just back at base washing kit now! 

Coaching People, Changing Perspectives

Out with Kim training earlier today...

Catch you soon!
Keirron and the Team

Monday, May 25, 2020

PRESS RELEASE - Summer 2020 Adventures

'Soaring Puffins' taken by Kim Tastagh on his training paddle this morning

Sunny Greetings

Our coaches are now back on the water, and familiarising ourselves with new dynamics in our environment. 

After much consideration, our team will await the strict restrictions on physical distancing to be removed before we re-commence 'Experiences' and ‘Junior Paddlesport’ training, to satisfy our robust risk management strategy.
We hope to resume shortly, and are now taking bookings from July for family experiences, for Island residents. 

Please contact us via the website with your preferred experience, date and numbers (4 – 8 persons) and we’ll respond efficiently.

Providing adventure sports activity (in practice), needs our operations to be flexible, and allow for challenge in the dynamic environment. We do require flexibility and options to allow us to make informed decisions for you. Our priority will always be safe, enjoyable, learning experiences (in that order).

Beginning Sunday 5th July 2020

Discover Sea Kayaking course - £175 per person

Book straight onto a course of 4 experiences, or upgrade from your initial session.
4 sea kayaking experiences, to be used on open sessions. These short courses are valid for 12 months from purchase, to be completed within 3 months from the first session being used.
Sessions can also be against our other experiences : )
Options for further progression on completion, including progressive modules indoors over the winter and Adults Paddlesport on the sea in the spring.

Gift Certificates - Experiences

You can also buy gift certificates for our open experiences online : )

Speak soon!
The Adventurous Team

Friday, April 10, 2020

Springing into April

A few vivid memories of recent experiences...

Stay healthy and happy : )

When being strong is doing less

'When being strong is doing less.
And being BOLD...
When being wrong is saying yes
(Joining others creates a mess). A physical distance is what is meant,
By those who really DO know best.

Choosing to do something unfamiliar, that regularly challenges us,
That is being BOLD.
For some of us, it might simply be...
Doing as we are told : -) Despite the conflicting points of view,
There's only one thing we must do.
Be considerate...
Swap 'social' for 'physical' and you'll understand it too.

For when we work as one big team,
We each can still afford to dream.
Swap positive messages and support.
It's really what 'social media' was invented for.
When 'doing less' is doing more,
In your community, in your home.
For 'education's broader meaning,
Is the spark, the burning desire
To learn.

Real journeys include mistakes.
Understand; People are people
That's all it takes.

Focus on what went well.
(What you're proud of) what we've all achieved.
HOW to make it happen more often,
The learning process as it was conceived.

Our nation needs us (it has begun).
To focus on a single goal.
Stay close to home, walk, cycle, run.
To reap the benefits further on... You're right to question.
To ask WHY?
The answer's quite simply,
so less will die.'
E. V. Tesedoa
Repost @aboldperspective
#people #community #courage #comraderie #compassion #consideration #aBOLDperspective
Walk for half an hour each day. 
Build up doing 1 hour of exercise (10,000 steps / 5 miles) per day = immune system works effectively.
Functional fitness, enables every day life.
Muscle is a good regulator of good health.
A benefit of enforced structure is opportunity to develop a daily pattern of healthy exercise.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Tuesday 17th March 2020

'Daddy, the BIG Woolie sheep is back in the field. You can't see anything except his black nose! He's a cloud on the ground! Theia, age 10

A company Announcement
Adventurous Experiences team are still operating, with consideration.

An announcement from our Chief Minister
'Every person entering the Isle of Man from midnight tonight goes into 14 days isolation. Prosecution for anyone not complying'. We respect this decision.

We understand people are looking to us to make some miracles happen 🙌

To all our customers, families, friends, individuals, work colleagues. Sharing unforgettable experiences and lifelong learning programs with you is highly rewarding.
We understand there will be great disappointment when we announce that off-island travel which we have organised is going to be cancelled. Your personal wellbeing, development and sense of freedom is essential and important to us. We are working to ensure we continue to deliver on-island, with consideration.
To all our visiting customers, we look forward to welcoming you to our Island, in future times.

There is a close connection between change and risk.
As people, as a team, as a community and as a nation we embrace both as part of our culture.

We will still be paddling and coasteering 👍
We will still strive to create options and learning opportunities. We will continue to bring the positive benefits of managing and utilising risk progressively and responsibly.
Change will take place, things happen.
Everything happens for a reason... even if we do not understand it. Even if it's so unreasonable, to us.
What are our current priorities... food, warmth, shelter, health and happiness...
Sometimes its refreshing to look at at possible benefits, in order to find strength to face the risks.

And occasionally remind ourselves of the little 'ray's of sunshine' and the BIG Woolie sheep in the field 😊

Spring Skills Development

A plethora of skills development training sessions, experiences and challenges 

Pics to follow : )