Friday, August 18, 2017

Coasteering at the Chasms

 Family Coasteering Experience 

 Today's family Coasteering Experience used the Chasms area, exploring the rocky coastline on the South coast of the Isle of Man. Sheltered from the westerlie winds, led by Keirron, Kim and Sam : )

A really great day out and a terrific group : )

Catch you in the water soon!
Keirron & the Team

Dynamic Adventure

We are so fortunate to have customers who appreciate that activity locations vary with conditions on the day, and we may even offer changes to session times to make best use of the weather.
It really helps us deliver the best possible experience : )
Thank you all so much!

 Catch you on the water soon : )
Keirron & the Team

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Sea Kayaking Experiences

Sea Kayaking Experiences from Port St Mary

Another day of hot sunshine, a steady breeze and another amazing Isle of Man location regularly used by us to explore via Sea Kayaking!

 Book online or Contact Us to book your Sea Kayaking, Coasteering or Gorge Scrambling Experience in the Isle of Man.

 Catch you on the water soon!
Keirron & the Team

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Kayaking with Dolphins

Isle of Man Adventure Club - Sea Kayaking with Risso Dolphins

This morning's Sea Kayaking Skills Development session with the Adventure Club (t-shirts and sunshine in stunning conditions) we paddled from Port Erin Beach, around the Calf of Man and out towards Chicken Rock... a pod of Risso dolphins joined us, and we stayed with them for short journey... absolutely mind blowing!!

 Catch you on the water soon : )