Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Flapjack-Maker Returns!

Sunday Sea Kayaking from Port St Mary

Keirron and Kim are just back in from their third session of the day Sea Kayaking from Port St Mary, on the south coast of the Isle of Man.

On the water at 9am this morning with the Adventure Club, spring tides around the Calf of Man : )

Flapjack at South Harbour, on the Calf of Man

 The afternoon Sea Kayaking experience used the perfect conditions to practice a few fundamental skills before setting off on a journey around Bay Ny Carrickey...

Evening Birthday Sea Kayaking Party

Isle of Man Orienteering Championship - 16th September 2017

Saturday morning was a promotional photoshoot for our Seven Kingdoms Isle of Man Orienteering Championship, in association with Isle of Man Orienteering Klubb (IOMOK).

Junior Paddlesport in The Isle of Man

Saturday afternoon was the Junior Paddlesport program, 'Learn 2 Explore' outdoor skills development: Sea Kayaking.

British Cycling Championships

Saw a few of the time trials on Thursday (first day of the British Cycling Championships in the Isle of Man).

Gorge Scrambling Team Building with Barclays

Wednesday was an evening Gorge Scrambling adventure with a team from Barclays : )

Katia is back for the summer!

Finally, Katia Tastagh of the Adventurous Experiences Team is back from university for the summer, so the flapjack making is in full production : )

Catch you on the water soon!
Keirron and the Team

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Our Office...

Monday Office Day

Monday was a perfect summers day in the Isle of Man, and a relaxed sea kayak trip from Peel, around the cliffs and caves watching the guillemots and razorbills busy in their breeding season, seals swimming lazily by... the sea a turquoise patterned with sunlight... spot on!

Admired the Moon Jellyfish stranded on the sandy landing strip, sheltered by the 'tail of rocks', a light lunch at the Niarbyl Cafe, then made our way home : )

A bit of 'staff training' after school, out from Niarbyl on Liam's Hobi, exploring the coastline by kayak, journeying, fresh waterfalls and perfect beaches...

Tuesday was another day in the office...

Kim and Fergus ran the morning Coasteering experience 

 Then it was down to Port Erin bay for the Sea Kayaking experiences.

 And Sea Kayaking skills development training : )

 So many folk still out swimming in the bay, strolling along the shallows sipping beer outside the Bay... as we finished our evening paddle : )

Catch you on the water soon!