Monday, August 27, 2007

NW winds mean more paddles on South Coast

In order to provide the calm and pleasant conditions for our Beginners Paddles, the present wind directions have kept us on this fantastic stretch of coastline...

After missing the much hoped for weather during July and August, maybe we're in for a delightful September easing into a mild autumn?

Sunday Paddles in the South

With the prevailing NW breezes recently, we've been paddling mostly on the South coast, and beginners have been enjoying the delights of Sugarloaf and adjacent Caves and the view of the Chasms from the sea.

Summer holidaying meant a small Adventure Club Intermediate group, with ideal sea conditions and John leading the trip, we called off at the Calf for cake and coffee,
(ALL FOOT AND MOUTH RESTRICTIONS WERE LIFTED ON FRIDAY) before heading out and around Chicken Rock!

Well done to Jenny who paddled well, and got her first visit of the remote Lighthouse.
Thanks to John for an excellent paddle. John is presently working towards his BCU 5* Sea Award.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Corporate (combined activities) Afternoon & BBQ

A few pics from Saturday, despite windy conditions at the original venue, the chosen location was ideal.
(Last pic showing Sam's trademark '3 Legs' stunt)

A Cracking day, with the sumptuous BBQ to finish!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Isle of Man Group Circumnavigation (incl wild camping)

A few pics, more to follow - plus a few words...

Maybe even show a few pics from the more challenging parts of the trip:)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Explorer Series - Round Isle of Man Race!

Peter Oakley (and his wife Penny) travelled over from the UK and was the only entrant to the Race this year, due to adverse sea conditions and wind putting all other 'would be' competitors off.

Peter was racing the 14 hours, 7 minutes time put in by Freya Hoffmeister at last years Adventure Week. Peel was looking very fine as usual. Photo's are courtesy of Penny Oakley, who was land support for her husband Peter on his trip. Both attended the Festival Weekend prior to Peter setting off.

Base Camp was at Ballabrooie camping field.

A very organised set-up, it was a pleasure to see all safety measures had been taken and thought through. Look closely to find Peter rounding Maughold Head!

Peter finished his trip at Ramsey. A steady F5 head Wind up the entire East Coast reduced the enjoyment and made a winning time very difficult. Peter and Penny than headed to the Point of Ayre where they joined a fair few people watching a Basking Shark in the waters near the shore.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Isle of Man Adventure Week & 5th Sea Kayak Symposium

Here's a group shot of those who were still at Ballabrooie this evening, many thanks to everyone who helped, (sorry if you missed the photo), more pics to come as they arrive...

Follow up Photo's .... finally!
I've chosen a couple from the vast selection that people have sent to me. A gallery will go online shortly, with a bigger selection of pics. The rougher sessions proved very popular this year!
Congratulations to Janet Taylor, John Scott and Kieron Stout who all passed the BCU Coach 3 Sea Award, and to Jukka Linnonmaa from Finland who completed his BCU Coach 3 Sea Training with the other 5 candidates and then passed his BCU 5* Sea Award as well!
The 5* Training had candidates attending from all over, and was a great success. Despite Adventurous conditions, the Festival Weekend and evening socials went on ahead and all had a terrific time. Many thanks to the Vancouver Island Youth group for the Saturday evening presentation on their recent expedition, and to Manx Ceilidh Band, King Chiaullee for a very lively evening after... Looking forward to seeing you again next year.
2008 Isle of Man Adventure Week dates; 14th - 18th August

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Corporate Team Challenges - Day 2.

Despite the forecast, it was a beautiful day again, and we headed for Peel to begin the Sea Kayaking trip. Everyone took to the paddling well, and some rock hopping commenced...
A couple of surprising experiences kept everyone smiling! Cave exploring was great fun, and a few seals kept popping up along the route. Then it was time to head back to the Castle.

Some great pics too.

Then to Ballabrooie for homemade lunch again, terrific!

The last Team task was the afternoon Raft Building / River Crossing. Both teams finished well inside the time limit. The 'Culvert Crusaders' had a bit of a spill, with someone getting a little wet...Guess who?

Monday, August 13, 2007

Corporate Team Challenges

Great weather today, which was ideal for Day 1. of two days of Corporate Team challenges, ran at Adventurous Experiences base at Ballabrooie.
After navigation training, the teams deciphered their routes and successfully completed them, arriving back in time for homemade soup and bread, followed by a delicious pudding.

The Afternoon activity was Coasteering...
The sea initially looked a little bouncy, but dropped off, and what a session it was! Everyone pushed their own comfort zones, and really impressed us. We're looking forward to tomorrow's Sea Kayaking and Raft Building / River Crossing Team Challenge:)

Close rivalry and nearly even points from the 'Culvert Crusaders' and 'Team Handrail'.