Friday, December 07, 2018

Learn 2 Kayak in 2019

We offer a few options to begin sea kayaking with us. 
All are available as Gifts on demand.

Sea Kayaking Experience

Suitable for those with and without previous sea kayaking experience. Spectacular views and coastline. Visit secret places only accessible by sea kayak, regularly observing seals, birds and other marine life unobtrusively, led by highly experienced, professional coaches. An unforgettable journey of discovery.

Price £55 per person, as part of a led group. Discount for groups of 4 or more.
Participants use our kayaks and equipment.
You can buy gift certificates for these online : )

Discover Sea Kayaking course

Book straight onto a course of 4 experiences, or upgrade from your initial session.

Price £175 per person for 4 sea kayaking experiences, to be used on open sessions. These short courses are valid for 12 months from purchase, to be completed within 3 months from the first session being used. Sessions can be against our other experiences : )

Adults Paddlesport - Skills Development Program

We run a year-round award-winning skills development program:
·       Indoor training from September to March at Western Swimming Pool, Peel.
·       Outdoors during the summer, at locations around the Island
·       Coaching ratios are typically less than 1:4.
Our other activities specifically for skills development stem from this program.

How it works
We run 4 modules (each module is 4 consecutive weekly sessions) indoors during the winter, with a break between each module.
We supply all specialist kit and equipment.
In the event of you not wishing to continue onto the next module, we will offer your place to a prospective learner on our waiting list.

(Indoor) Module - 6th January to 27th January ’19  fully subscribed
(Indoor) Module - 3rd March to 24th March ’19

Participants typically follow indoor training modules with outdoor skills development, booked on modules of 4 sessions. Price £175 per module.

British Canoeing

We are a British Canoeing International Training Centre. Our skills development pathway aligns with British Canoeing certificated awards. These are delivered alongside physical literacy training and awarded, as part of the program, when skills are suitably demonstrated.

Private sessions

Typically full or multi-day bespoke programs with a specific goal in mind.
£180 per session (max 2 persons) + £55 per additional person
£225 per day (max 2 persons) + £75 per additional person

** Activity locations are selected by us, taking into consideration the conditions and the participants on the day **

We hope this provides a few options : ) 

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Catch you on the water soon!
Keirron and the Team

ps. a few pics from recent sessions...

'A night with Tim Cass' - recounting his epic Ireland paddle