Sunday, June 30, 2013

TT Tri - Isle of Man

The Adventure Club by Adventurous Experiences provided a team of kayaking marshals as swim safety cover for the inaugural TT Triathlon today, in Douglas Bay.
 Down by the slipway at 4:30am this morning... as other folk were making their merry way home from last night's socialising : )
 With 27 kayakers on the water, (organised into smaller units, and 8 strategically positioned lead marshals,) accompanied by a moderate breeze and a single wave of swimmers completing the triangular course, it was an awesome spectacle!
 John Keggin was on the beach, with 3 assistants, in charge of the communications between the lead marshals and the swim safety organiser Martin Suzan. Great to part of the day, and see the athletes transition onto their bikes....
 Having completed our task, we headed off on our Club paddle south, taking in the cliffs below Marine Drive, rock hopping, chatting, and sharing the morning's experiences.
A fun landing, shingle beach with great food cooked by Anouk, then return to the harbour, with plenty of the day left... to head back to base, wash and sort kit, then off to Dave's on Onchan Head for a BBQ, with view of the coastal part of the TT Tri 'marathon', the final stage of the event.

Then up to the grandstand in time to watch the winner (a Manx man) come through the finish line!
A really interesting day, and 'a day of fun' with the Adventure Club : )
See you on the water.

Thanks very much to everyone from the Adventure Club who gave their time and energy (at such a delightful time of day) to help support the event.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

a day off...

Just has a really fun Coasteering session with Lynn, Chris and Jess around St Michaels Isle, Peel...
 From Australia, and different parts of the US, the guys are over on an archaeological dig, and used their one day off this week to best effect! : )
 Can't wait to provide an adventure on your next day off : )
Really good to meet you!

Friday, June 28, 2013

spring low water

Tuesday's Sea Kayak Trip from Peel - beginners group including the girls over from the US, who chose the Isle of Man for the Sea Kayaking experience.

Wednesday's Evening Paddle from Port Erin - to Port St Mary
 the spring tides at low water exposed a multitude of lichens, sponges, and terrific light : )

Coasteering session on Thursday evening - around Peel Castle
As we roll into another busy weekend, look out for more adventures with us : )
The website Calendar now has sessions through into August.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

progressive steps

Guides - 'Baden Powell Challenge'
 We said goodbye to the team at midday today, having been on camp since Friday evening... completing an Evening Paddle on Friday (heading north from Peel, finishing in the marina as the wind increased) and a Coasteering exploration on Saturday morning.

Saturday Group Adventures
We then ran a very exciting Coasteering session for a group on Saturday afternoon in the bouncy stuff : )
 Most have been out with us before on other adventures...
 A really great day in the water!! : )

Sunday Adventure Club training
 Having completed the finale Gorge Scramble at Glenmaye with the Guide's, we headed to Peel this afternoon with a few of the Intermediate Adventure Club members...
Conditions were quite interesting off the back of the breakwater, making for some nice exercises.
Then moving onto some surfing on the main beach!
Brilliant fun and real workout!!
See you soon

ps. John's been up Laxey this afternoon with a group doing a hill navigation training afternoon, a cracking day for it! Hope to see you all on the water before you head back.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

an Evening Paddle...

...with a Basking Shark!!
Just in from tonight's Evening Paddle with an inquisitive Basking Shark, feeding up and down, round and through the group, observing it as it came to them...
 ...gently moved away again, turned round and came gliding back, again and again...
 ...sometimes close by, sometimes very close by!!
 A stunning evening off Peel, on the West coast of the Isle of Man, observing wildlife, unobtrusively : )
 See you on the water soon : )
 Ps. check out the website Calendar for open sessions, next evening paddle this week is Thursday 6:30pm from Port Erin beach.

Youth Scholarship - TR. 12
A few pics from this afternoon's training session, now the youth scholarship team have completed their exams, and are back on the water.
 Great to see you back training again, looking forward to next week!

and finally, a photo by Tony Smith of the early afternoon session, with the group from Ramsey Grammar School, who earned their reward for good conduct : )
 Well done folks!!