Friday, January 30, 2015

Youth Scholarship - '15 Intake begins...

Following presentations to Year 12 in the Island's secondary schools in November, 27 students signed up to this intake's preliminary taster sessions. Our Youth Scholarship - Development and Leadership Program is our main community project, delivered by Adventurous Experiences in association with Conister Bank.

 Coaching People, Changing Perspectives
The training program provides scholarships (including 18 months of adventure training, throughout the winter as well as the summer months) culminating in the team of Manx students undertaking an overseas expedition. As our main community project, it is also a focal point of our long term strategy to raise the level of outdoor skills and safety on the Island.

The training team is selected from Adventurous Experiences professional coaches.
20 students have committed to the program, with training sessions on the water beginning next week. Sessions will continue in smaller groups until the spring.

Adventure Club - Sunday morning training

Sunday's Adventure Club training was from Peel, split to two working groups, using the conditions to develop the technical and tactical skills we've been focusing on. 
Looking at the mighty forecast, this Sunday's training will be on the East coast : )

Catch you on the water soon!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Indoor Kayaking - bonanza

A few snapshots of Fun - Safe - Learning at the Indoor Pool.

Junior Paddlesport (Stages 1 to 5) - L.T.A.D. - Adults Kayak Safety Training

Using our modern 'river spec' kayaks with easily adjustable footrests, bespoke junior Celtic paddles and our highly experienced professional coaching team, focussed on our students learning.

With our newly launched Long Term Adventure Development, progressing out students from the Stage 5 course in the Junior Paddlesport program, onto more individualised coaching, within a fun group environment.

 Adults Kayak Safety Training courses work on water confidence, preventing a capsize, rescues and fundamental paddlesport skills. (Next course begins 21st February.)

A really superb afternoon's training on Saturday, looking forward to this coming one (final session of this course) watching the fun and excitement together with progressive increase in paddlesport technique. Many of our L.T.A.D. students are now Eskimo rolling.

Catch you on the water soon!
Keirron & the Team

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Indoor Kayaking

Saturday Afternoon Indoor Kayaking at Peel Pool

A few pics from last Saturday's courses at Western Swimming Pool, Peel.
Ideal weather conditions for indoor kayak training...
...especially for the Junior Paddlesport - Level's 1 to 5. 

 Adults Kayak Safety Training also takes place on Saturday afternoons, with the last course till October scheduled to begin 21st February.

 In order to accommodate parents at the same time as the juniors, different stages and courses run in different parts of the pool, concurrently.

 Sunday Sea Kayaking - Adventure Club

Sunday's sea kayak training for the regular Adventure Club members set out from Laxey Beach, led by George. They headed north towards Cornaa, arriving back ready for lunch!!

I was away in Manchester at the Destinations Show, on the Isle of Man Tourism stand, promoting the Island to visitors from the north west (and other areas of the UK) : )

The indoor kayaking is continuing to receive terrific feedback from adults and youth, and we're looking forward to this Saturday's sessions, followed by Sunday's Club training at Peel.

See you on the water soon

ps. This Sunday afternoon will be the 2nd taster session for the new Youth Scholarship intake.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

a breezy January

Mid-week Sea Kayaking

 A few pics from last Thursday's coach's paddle round the Calf, to South Harbour, with Keri & Fergus.
The extensive population of Atlantic Grey seals very inquisitive!
Getting off the water just before conditions got quite interesting...

Indoor Kayaking

Junior Paddlsport - Adult's Paddlesport & Kayak Safety

Stages 1 - 5 courses in our Junior Paddlesport started again on Saturday, at Western Swimming Pool, Peel. The previous Stage 5 students have progressed onto Long Term Adventure Development, (progressive training for junior members in line with our established Adventure Club format.)

 All sessions in January are fully booked, and many of the places on the Feb / Mar (Junior & Adult) courses are now taken. Contact us soon if you wish to book a place.
 Catch you on the water soon!
Keirron & the Team

ps. The first taster training session for the new intake on our Youth Scholarship Program took place on the Sunday afternoon... The next one is Sun 25th Jan, 1pm : )