Wednesday, October 30, 2013

something different

 As it was half term, the Youth Scholarship training this week moved to Monday afternoon, giving us more time to work on physical development in an adventurous environment...
...elements of the session challenged mental toughness as well as the underlying theme of teamwork.
Gorge Scrambling is a different experience for every individual...

Fern's 11th Bday Party - Coasteering 

For Fern's Coasteering birthday party we were asked for something a little different...

We selected (with the advantage of local knowledge) of our less known about (but terrifically engaging) routes, totally sheltered from the strong Westerly wind, enjoying the mild sea temperature and blue skies. (true unaltered images : )
 Ideal rock type for moving about and getting used to a different environment...
Clear easy steps into the water, flat calm conditions and a lively bunch of girls!
(and a couple of lads as well : )
All rounded off by a brilliant sunset and a brisk trot back to the car park!
Already looking forward to next time! : )

 Discover Sea Kayaking - Indoor course

 Back to base after the Coasteering, passing Sam as he headed off to set up for Fundamental Movement Patterns at Patrick Hall. Next week's class is 6pm on Tuesday.
Sorry that me an Kim had to wash kit and prepare for the Indoor Pool session, so we missed your class...
 With typically 1:1 or 1:2 ratio on our Discover Sea Kayaking Indoor course at Western Swimming Pool, the learning atmosphere and individualised coaching are very apparent.
 And there is always time for some increased fun and excitement at the end!
The next Indoor course begins November 26th - with two price options. A couple of places are available at present. Having swapped the entire Indoor fleet over to white water spec kayaks, we have pushed the standard and comfort of our training courses even higher.

I was also asked about kids kayak pool parties (which we run on request) with a maximum group of 9.
Contact us for more details.

 It's going to be a great winter for learning to kayak : )
See you soon
Keirron & the Team

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday Surfing

 A few pics Mike Quayle took of this morning's Sea Kayak Training session for the Adventure Club at Gansey Beach, on the South Coast of the Isle of Man.
 Once we had warmed up, the group (including Mike) distributed themselves throughout the surf zone... and in the absence of any more sharp images, we've allowed the following to illustrate the activity : )
 Some interesting strategies for getting 'out the back' including the never seen before holding the nose with one hand, and letting the kayak will ride itself out through the sets... : )
 I think performance of the day goes to Charlie, who's fairly new to the Adventure Club, and was styling this morning, in the big stuff!! Coach Moon a close second : )

Some different learning styles were observed, from getting stuck into the meaty stuff, to observing from the shore...and a lots of smiles and excitement from everyone!!!
Last few shots
 and it wasn't all sea kayaks out on the Club session...
 Great to get amongst the white stuff and feel the power, plenty of opportunity for more during this coming week I believe : )

Friday, October 25, 2013

the ginger seal

 Sunrise at Castletown yesterday was worth the wait : )
 A spectacular display of colours, absolute calm, with breakers on the reef giving a continuous low roar just offshore, the powerful swell sets a sure indication of the low pressure on its way...

 Had a couple of Adventure Club program updates in the lecture room, then me and John headed out for a paddle round the Calf of Man, before the weather broke again.
Skirting a lot of new born fluffy white bundles on the boulder beaches, we paddled South, passing a group of half grown youngsters on the rocks...

"John, what's that on the rocks beside those young seals"
"Ha! Its a ginger seal!!"

A bright, deep ginger coloured half grown seal was lying alongside the other light and speckled grey seals just above the waterline, a stark contrast, and a sight not seen before!
Beautiful conditions, with very little easy places left to land, not already occupied by pregnant mothers or new born bundles of joy!
Hoping for another sighting after completing the circumnavigation, we passed the same spot, got another sighting and John had a few of the young seals playing about the kayak, nibbling the toggles as they often do.
The ginger seal did not come and play...

Looking forward to this weekends activities, and perhaps a another sighting of this extraordinary coloured seal on future paddles : )

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Youth Scholarship

The Youth Scholarship Training session (TR. 23) took place yesterday,Tuesday, and have now some confirmed details....
The youth expedition team for the summer of 2014 will be 9 students, the expedition location will be Vancouver Island, and itinerary and outline logistics have also been confirmed.
 I'm really looking forward to the specific elements of training now this important part of the program has been completed : )

Straight after the Youth training session, we headed to Sam's Fundamental Movement Patterns at Patrick Hall, to align and stretch our bodies. (The next session is slightly earlier, starting at 6pm next Tuesday.)

Then onto the Discover Sea Kayaking 'Indoor' course at Western Swimming Pool, Peel, for the second session in this course. Steady, controlled progression. A great way to finish a very productive day!!

BCU 2 Star Award - Training

Under the leadership of John and George, the BCU 2* training course continued on Saturday morning at Ramsey, working mainly on forwards paddling and manoeuvring the open boats on the main lake before finishing off with some self rescues.
These are just a few images taken by John.

Sunday Sea Kayak Coaching

Sunday's sea kayak training sessions ran from Peel Fenella Beach.
Rock hopping and incident scenarios were the main themes of the morning Adventure Club training session. Quite challenging, and very wet!!
The afternoon Discover Sea Kayaking 'Outdoor' course students took a more sheltered rock hopping journey, challenging their skills at their level. Again a lot of fun!!

So many very engaged folk - really pleasing to see.
Looking forward to the weekend again : )

ps. left the camera at base...