Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Xmas Newsletter

A bright and breezy season’s greetings from Adventurous Experiences.
This time last year, we had snow on the ground.

Welcome - Gift Vouchers - for the adventurous!
·         Adventurous Experiences Gift Vouchers - the perfect Christmas gift!
·         Available to buy online or alternatively over the phone or via email.
·         As one of our personalised experiences or cash values of £25 or £50.

If you’d rather call in and chat through options - please contact us for more information, and to arrange a time to suit.

pic taken this morning
Weather - a little more wind is predicted for the forthcoming week, with the possibility of wintry showers, then warming up for kayak surfing at the weekend! The sea temperature is a steady 12 degrees, much warmer than last year.

Website Calendar – we are putting together the schedule for 2012, and would really like your suggestions;
·         Like you, we do not wish to receive junk mail and constant newsletters
·         If you can add suggestions of what you’d like us to provide, or feedback, we can have the 2012 activities online before Christmas.

This will allow us to maximise our time outdoors in our 'office', designing and delivering unforgettable adventurous experiences, year round.

Looking for a challenge to train for in 2012...
Isle of Man Adventure Race - 'A physically challenging amateur event'

16th - 17th June 2012 - teams of 4 persons
Weekend of Adventure, including social BBQ and FREE kayak training, all for £60 per person.
PwC - Official Sponsor of the Isle of Man Adventure Race

And lastly… FMP Preparation
Sam Murphy – our resident strength and conditioning coach, has launched the Fundamental Movement Patterns winter program. Thursday evenings for an hour, it develops posture, core stability, flexibility and is indoors!

We look forward to seeing you soon

ps. A quick pic of the Youth Scholarship team, at the Adventurous Experiences lecture room, completing their winter navigation training program.

Monday, November 28, 2011

surfing 'til sunset

Took Theia down to watch the sunrise at Derbyhaven, and begin another memorable day. 
 Given the Gale force winds, we had planned for skills sessions in the short plastic kayaks, utilising the natural resources on hand...
Hours of adrenaline racing fun in the surf at Peel, literally till the sun set...
 Its great to try different movement patterns on the wave, especially if there are a couple of you on the wave.
 Looking at the forecast, looks like the same again for next Sunday! : )


It was an excellent session Keirron, thanks. I'll be there next week and more of the same sounds good to me.
Hi Keirron, Count me in! I really enjoyed it. Mike
Hi Keirron, Thanks for yesterday – it was great fun! Could you put me down for Sunday please? L
Hey keirron, Thanks for a great Sunday wake up, the surf was amazing. I'll be there on Sunday... Cookie
Hi Keirron, Great session yesterday. Thanks to you and the team. Photos are great. I’ll be out next Sunday… Gerry
Hiya! Pics are great, love the one of you and George! I'll be there next Sunday. Rach x

Saturday, November 26, 2011

storm clouds

 There was a small window of opportunity as today drew to a close.
I managed to capture the magnificence of the storm clouds, swirling above, reflecting the sunset colours onto the wet sand below. 
tomorrow's sessions should be invigorating for all involved!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Isle of Man - photos

I've been using every opportunity to capture the moment and work on my personal development - coaching, with a paddle, and with a camera!
We've got the Aleutian's 2012 Expedition looming, and I know there may only be brief opportunities during the journey to record 'once in a lifetime' moments, so getting plenty of practice now...
As our list of kit sponsors steadily increases, so does the demand to deliver what I know we are capable of, given a certain amount of luck with the weather : )
Steve has just text to say there's snow in the Cairngorms... Ice climbing at Xmas!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


 The last indoor pool session of the November 'Discover Sea Kayaking' course took place last night. 
 It gives excellent opportunities for clear feedback, from both peers and coaches, in a warm environment. It also promotes development of intrinsic feedback, a coaching tool often used in the Adventure Club.

Student feedback
"After a few weeks off the water, it was good to get a skills session in. Kneeling in a sea kayak the wrong way round and staying the right way up was a personal highlight! The open boating sessions must have done some good! Looking forward to next week!"

"...just thought I'd drop you a line to say how much I enjoyed the weekend of open boating.  We had a great time in spite of the  awful weather conditions on Saturday and learnt loads,  not just about open boats but how transferable the skills are between open boats and sea kayaking.  Needless to say, it was also great to see Keith again who is a fabulous and very patient coach - thanks for organising it.  
Hope your open boating coaching is as much fun as ours.
See you next weekend.
ps tried to take some photos from yesterdays session - hope they are ok!"
"I have really enjoyed the course a lot, its flown by. Thank you very much"
"...certainly honed in on balance and put to test the single paddle skills - have to say it was good fun : )"

Always good to hear!

Monday, November 21, 2011

variable practice at Peel

 Sunday's sea kayaking from Peel, Fenella Beach, around the Castle and heading North, sheltered form the light Southerly breeze, and using the 'rock gardens' to create variable practice on a trip for the beginners.
 A beautiful November day on the water, journeying towards the White Strand beach, we were overtaken by the Improver group, who had been practising wet skills along the way...
 Everyone landed, and out came a fine assortment of cakes and Katia's legendary flapjack : )
Arriving back at Fenella Beach later, there was just time to swap kayaks over and quick toasty from the kiosk before heading back out with the afternoon Intermediate group.
Working on power delivery, 'feel' and intrinsic feedback with visual self checks, I took not photo's in the afternoon... 
but here is a few images from Robert the Bruce's chapel on our last day in Scotland
Look a like an interesting week of weather ahead : ) should be good for surfing
ps. great to be back home