Sunday, November 13, 2011

achieving success

The Adventure Club provides different things, to different people. 
"A network of like-minded people who want to regularly experience unforgettable adventures on (and off) the Isle of Man, under the guidance of our qualified, experienced coaches" 

Profile - Chris Allix
Chris joined the Adventure Club with one big long term goal; Paddle from the Isle of Man to Monaco
Initially, the key strategy to Chris's plan was his immense drive. Over time we developed a training program, with periodic goals and strength and conditioning, to enhance his strategy. 

Being part of the Adventure Club is a far reaching lifestyle choice; whether gazing up from sea level or looking down from the top of a crag it will give you a new perspective on life.

One of Chris's Achievements since joining the Club in 2010

Coast to Coast 
"On Saturday 27th August I set out to discover how my training was progressing and took my sea kayak to Liverpool and started paddling…
…after 33 kilometres (approx 20 miles) in just over 5 hours (at Easter the same distance took 8 hours)…

… I was once very worried as a barge was sailing along bank to bank with music blasting out and a dozen drunken ladies partying away fortunately they were on the opposite bank when we passed. I travelled about 30 miles in 7.5 hours. Also I started my first blisters on my right hand…"

…Day 4 saw me start having taped up my blisters with blister plasters and duck tape … I reached the Foulridge Tunnel 1,840 yards long , I think I reached my top speed going through the tunnel taking only 10 minutes to clear it… I passed through some beautiful countryside and as the evening came the rain stopped and left a lovely evening…

…One of the hazards of canals for kayaks are swing bridges… by the end of today I was able to judge the height and glide under without stopping  watching the iron beans pass my face with fractions to spare, but on a couple of occasions my buoyancy aid would not fit and I had to abandon the glide and get out and carry the kayak…
FINISHED, At lunchtime on day 7 I paddled through Goole at the Humber Estuary, that means I have paddled from the Mersey Estuary to the Humber, over 160 miles coast to coast. This has been a personal victory for me following the Devizes to Westminster race at Easter and I believe that I have proved to myself that the “Man to Monaco” project next summer is more than a pipe dream, I now know that I can achieve it. 

The whole Adventure Club would like to see you achieve this goal this, all the best

ps. Chris also took part in this year's

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